Dr. Shortee’s does not contain petrolatum or mineral oil. This allows for absorption and better moisturization. This is also why you won’t feel a film on your skin after use.
It is a delicate blend of herbs and flowers each custom picked for their anti-inflammatory, anti-itch propertiesthat compliment each other's smell. 
Freshness. But there is no added fragrance. Just the natural smells from the ingredients inside. It is subtle and won’t interfere with any other fragrance you choose to wear.
Because of its natural ingredients, Burn Butter is temperature sensitive. Do not leave it in the car on a hot day. If it is too runny, try refrigerating it for a while to allow for it to solidify.  
A little goes a long way. If you apply too much, you may feel greasy. But it will absorb and the feeling will go away. 
On any external skin from your head to your toes. It also works great in your hair.